Daniel Ionita

Daniel Ionita (b. 16 January 1960) is a poet and translator from Romana, living in Australia since 1989.

He has led the project Testament – 400 Years of Romanian Verse, a volume representing in English over 400 Romania poets (2019 – Australian-Romanian Academy Publishing). A somewhat smaller project (50 poets) representing poets from the Republic of Moldova, has been realised  by Daniel Ionita together with the Moldovan writer and editor Maria Tonu, titled The Bessarabia of My Soul (Mediaton – Toronto, Canada, 2018). Both of these volumes received international literary prizes for translation.

Daniel Ionita had his own poetry published in Australia (Pentimento – Interactive Publications 2022; Short Bursts of Eternity – Flying Island Press – 2021), and Romania (Hanging Between the Stars – Minerva, 2013, ContraDiction – PIM 2017, and others).


Transitions №7

Ion Buzu, Nina Cassian, Nora Iuga, Aura Maru, translated from Romanian by Daniel Ionita – with assistance from Professor Daniel Reynaud, Dr Adriana Paul, Eva Foster and Rochelle Bews

Proposal and other poems