Angelina Saule

Angelina Saule was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, of Russian and Lebanese extraction.
She lived in Russia for many years, completing her Australian MA by research in Russia and her MPhil at St Petersburg State University in Aesthetic Philosophy and Comparative Literature.
While teaching and writing, she was actively involved in creating poetry events in St. Petersburg and was a member of the translating collective, transviolatingpoetry

She has given papers on her work at conferences in Baku, Moscow, Athens, Melbourne, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, as well as a few other places.

She is currently living in Frieberg, Germany. She is editing her translation of her Russian PhD research on compartive poetics and erotic desire, while simultaneously writing her first verse-novel and teaching English online and at TU Dresden.


Transitions №4

Yury Gudumak. Two poems, translated by Angelina Saule