Viacheslav Kupriyanov

Kupriyanov Viacheslav Glebovich, 1939, Novosibirsk, – poet, novelist, translator.  Graduated in 1967 from the Moscow Foreign Languages Institute. A member of the Russian & Serbian Writers Unions. He has published more as 50 collections of his own poetry and prose in Russia and abroad. European Literature Prize, 1988, Yugoslavia. “Branko-Radicevic-Prize”, 2006, Serbia; Laureate of the prize of the Ministry of Culture of Austria, 2007;. Bunin-Prize, 2010, Russia;  Prize “European Atlas of Poetry” 2017, Respublika Serbska; Prize “Felix Romulana”, Serbia, 2017; Naji Naaman literary prizes, 2018, Japan/Libanon; “Golden Key of Smederevo”, Serbia, 2021. Last Russian book – “Сontroversies” (“Protivorechiya”), BSG-press, 2019.


Transitions №6

Viacheslav Kupriyanov. From Chronicles of a King and other poems, translated by Dmitri Manin