Станислава Могилёва

Родилась в 1983 году в Норильске. Публиковалась в журналах «Воздух», «Волга», в сетевых журналах TextOnly, «Цирк “Олимп”» и др. Автор книг стихов «Обратный порядок», (СПб.: MRP, 2016), «Это происходит с кем-то другим» (М.: Книжное обозрение (АРГО-РИСК), 2018). Живёт в Санкт-Петербурге.


Stanislava Mogileva was born in 1983 in Norilsk. Her texts have been published in such magazines as NLO, Vozduh, Volga, kntxt, TextOnly, Articulation. She is the author of the books “Reverse Order” (2016), “It is happening to someone else” (2018). Stanislava Mogileva also coordinates numerous literature events in St.Petersburg.

In her texts Stanislava Mogileva speaks on behalf of everything she sees and brings all that to life thus forming an “overall speaker”. In spite of the visible formal order of lines the real form is literally merged. If there seems to be a monologue it has an addressee, while a dialogue appears to be a monologue. Such a strategy unites the internal and external realities and catches the moment of transition between two worlds. And it is the word which is in fact a real key to this transition.


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From the book “Reformulate it”, translated by Lena Zakharova

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