From the book “Reformulate it”

Transitions №7

Author: Stanislava Mogileva

Translated by Lena Zakharova


meanwhile, the n-page
was viewed four more times this week

stoned with river cameos
said the vinegar seller

stoned to death
rock the gun to the dry

ground belongs to no one
dark mode, we are off

writing the history blindfold
an eye fixed

over the body getting colder
after a night fight

over the unrecognized episode
of the libido, ambition, self

there are other degrees
of the sacred


let’s go to the backyard
full-fledged human bodies

broad and balanced
(do not forget the father Sun)

your coat is colored like a crane
that has just moved away

we will sew it
we will get it again

at any moment we will
end it and fall asleep

neither for the difference
nor for the resemblance

neither for the sacred name
nor for the hour of darkness

we are walking in the park
embracing each other

we have a good rating
at the God Federation website

you cannot just
fill out

(autocorrect: fall out)
but you try

talking to that person
was quite interesting

now you should make a text
put it into a genre form

will survive

and both farthers
take out

(big data is on the alert)

our film is finished
Oy vey


that placenta – we ate it
as it is – with no snack

I’ve seen everything
says a girl

in a jeans skirt
going ahead

with two boys
and a rose bottle in her hand

the last update
was 6 years ago

we give up
we give up

not to open a message
not to forget an answer

I’ve just recorded my brainwaves
onto a tape

says Brian Eno
in the film about Brian Eno

the whole morning I couldn’t recollect
your name. a torment

with my eyes closed
I was lying as long as I could

going through all the names
and I could not recollect it

Wednesday. the central entrance
ask again about berg


this problem is not a problem
a fragment, when a name is not a name any

/more/ but a pronoun any /less/
don’t come closer

don’t forget to wake up
a body may have other parts

a red will not strike roots
raise your hands

is there any no-killer
of no piece of the creation

what is herewith said is constructive
and objective

let’s continue the talk
in another form_at

I need to change


in the list of names
and others – it is not about us

let the larynx of the singer
not get dry

let the saliva
not turn to mica

let the cry
not fall onto a burning cloud

bitter is for everyone
a paradigmatic precursor

dispeaceful remains

a splash of a celebration built-up
by an impermeable bovine fold

a buzzing scale in the midst of a feast
in a strong night mesh


all the music is off
it does not fit

we’ll meet in the bar
across the street

as always
we’re falling to pieces

time wine and space
from Adam to pixel

there’s nothing but
a remarkable glitch

and your loving fucking

the lard of Oedipus
get your fuck out of the control

that’s already somewhat
a pussy cat in the film

a pussy cat
moving, shining

oh this indivisible pixel
I am holding your hand

where you and for nothing
noisy caring eating

all and always are at their places
we’ll build it up

we’ll borrow it
from each other


a gesture is per_faction
codes are silver beards

lips are related to the tongue
as a tongue to the teeth

I will love you
until I finish it up

I never do
you know it

I am that dude under my window
standing and smoking and beering

children can kill at once
children are just playing

the most important
is to coincide with “that place”

with a random order
not to mix what is important

naked and naked
white and white

not to withdraw
one from the other of another

to take over the most <…> things
and faces everywhere

broken hands
the knees skinned off


a she was standing and silent
a she was walking and talking
it was at the same time
it was at the same person
the status of elusion
dissection delusion
what is split
cannot be seen