It is all the same

Transitions №5

Author: Andrey Vasilevsky

Translated by Lena Zakharova

It is all the same

It seemed so clear, so near,
so close to being caught.
But it’s no longer here,
Those times are either not.

Where there has been eraser,
It left a children’s thought.
It also left a coat,
The same it’s either not.

A lonely agnostician
is walking in this coat.
He’s not the same as used to.
And young he’s either not.


Here’s a mad on an iron bed.
He’s crying without a sound.
Every night his lips are enlightened
With a cry of the speechless thruth.

Life is scary as Moscow’s subway,
And it’s tasteless as popcorn mix.
But until you have an illusion,
says Chersonsky, you can survive.

But the mad does not need an illusion,
In his careful healthcare cage
He’s serving as ill-lumintation
For the merciless truth of himself.

A letter

„Mountain peaks
may be covered
by the metal snow
on the Venus“,
a scientist says and may be right.
So what?

„It is bad physics
but it is such a brave poetry“,
said Alexander Pushkin
on an occasion.
The poet may be right.
So what? — has become the answer
to any miracle.

You ask:
What’s new?
It’s all the same.
Yesterday the enemies
have crossed the river.
But we did not sleep.
We have not slept for a long time.


out to the street I get
to meet my red and dead cat

it’s walking there in the dark
as if my eternal protection mark

but since now how can it be called
in that parallel underneath world

still what for do I need to define it
such a name is too big for my mind


The LAN connection is lost.
The second attempt has failed.
There is a connection but
It is weak as your breath at night.
And noone is left to be right.

You have said: I have dreamt in the morning
The cat was eating some stuff.
And I say: You wake up in the morning
And the cat is eating some stuff.

When I’m falling asleep I turn to the right.
When I’m waking I’m tasting the blood.
And I’m thinking with caution if there is God.
And my cat is uncouncious and jumps to the dark.

A passage

I know, I know that you and I
will never meet in hell.
I’ll be alone with millions
to meet the Judgement Day.

And you will meet the Judgement Day
and you will also get the same,
but in the hell of fire,
won’t see that I am here.