God, dear God, what a horrendous dream…

Transitions №6

Author: Anna Russ

Translated by Anna Krushelnitskaya


God, dear God, what a horrendous dream
My old buddy – what’s become of him?
I remember how we hitched a couple
Rides from zapopleasure to kostopple

It was spring; red poppies everywhere;
And that girl – what has become of her?
That red-headed girl was fun and funny
Please return her back just where she goes!
Other buddies – what’s become of those?

We are hitching rides straight down to hell
My dear God, who wanted this, pray tell
What’s all this about Kievan Rus?
Crazy poppies of parading armies –

Someone wake me up now, what the deuce!

God, which one of us has lost the plot?
We have all made plans for summer travel!
When did all of t h i s begin to ravel?
What sick mind would tie this twisted knot?

God, why did you pick me, what’s your deal?
Why am I alone here, in the end?
If you can’t, then who can take the wheel?
This does not at all look like it’s real

God, I really thought you were a friend

God, I really thought you’re on our sides
Going to parnassus, hitching rides
Us together, yawning, holding hands
Calling one another brothers, friends
Springtime poppies blooming in a spree –

Stasik, Rita, Yuka, Polya, Pasha?
The slain won’t tell me of their victory

God, I really thought you were with me.