Yuri Orlitsky

Yuri Borisovich Orlitsky (b. 1952), Ph. D., D. Hab. is Senior Fellow at the Osip Mandlestam research and teaching laboratory. He is the author of 800 articles on the theory of verse and prose in contemporary Russian literature, and a number of monographs, among which are Verse and Prose in Russian Literature (M., 2002), The Dynamics of Verse and Prose in Russian Literature (M, 2008), and Verse in Contemporary Russian Poetry (M. 2014). Yuri Orlitsky is the author of seven books of poetry and was widely published in numerous anthologies and periodicals; he translated the poems of T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and other American, Italian, French, and Turkish poets into Russian. He also organized 24 Festivals of Russian Free Verse.


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Poems, translated by Dmitri Manin